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Mittwoch, Oktober 1 | 20 Beloved Words

Alright folks, so here comes....

The wonderful idea from the awesome Christine!

Many of us are reading english books, right? So, yeah, her idea is to even blog in english and I think that's really a thing we can do. I mean, it doesn't have to be EVERY Post, the period is about 3 Months, the minimum of posts in english is three, so that's not that hard, is it??

So, this is the post in which I'll always write my progress down, you know, how many english posts I blogged so far. I think I can write the next one I have in mind in english, so maaaaybe you will read my next post also in english!

Why I want to do it?
Because I love english! It's my very favourite language (can you even say that?) and though my english is not perfect, I suppose it's not the worst either. Especially 'cause my aim for this school year is to read more books in english than in german to get my eloquence on a higher level, I think it's not a bad start to begin blogging in english. What do you think? I mean, isn't it a fun idea and a bit risky? So you get yourself out there, writing your blog, but it's even riskier to not do that in your own language, but in another one. So, yeah, that's why. OH! And I'm gonna try to write the posts in american english, though I think there will also be a mix of british and american language. Bloody hell and stuff like that, y'all know what I mean, don't you?

Anyway, here's the link to Christines Post! BAAAAAM 

It starts TODAY!!!
I reaaaally reeaaally love the idea and I assume some of you do too and if so, I'd consider to just try it. And if it doesn't work, whatever! - at least you tried and did a great, new, risky kind of blogging! Uh, and I hope you do understand what you're reading right now, because if not, we've got a bit of a problem here. Well, acutally I'm gonna try to, like, write the same amount of posts in german as I will do in english. Meh, I'm so sure all that was kind of really bad grammar, but hey, I don't care, I'm just trying and I'm having fun!

So, I think this is it. Here I'm gonna mark my progress, if I'm really writing posts in english and not just kidding you. I'm also gonna put that picture up there in the sidebar, so you can always check!
Pots written in english:
7th Oct: Resume of September
7th Dec: Weirdness of Life

20 Kommentare:

  1. Hallo Ley :)
    ich finde das ist eine super idee :D
    Ehrlich, dein Post hat sich wirklich super lesen lassen :D
    ich hab auch schon ein paar mal dran gedacht auf englisch zu bloggen, vorallem bei den rezis zu den engliscgen Büchern, hab mich aber nie wirklich drüber getraut ;P
    aber vl war das jetzt der Anstoß den ich brauchte und probiers mal aus :)
    Ich wünsch dir viel Spaß beim auf englisch Schreiben ;D
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Dankeschön :D Ja, die Idee hatte ich auch mal zu englischen Büchern, aber man zweifelt ja dann doch dran, vor allem, Bücher auf englisch zu rezensieren, das ist garantiert nochmal schwerer als irgendwelche anderen Posts zu schreiben, weil man bestimmte Begriffe dafür braucht ^.^
      Versuchs auf jeden Fall, wenn dir die Idee gefällt, ich habs auch gewagt und ich freu mich so, dass so viele darauf reagieren und Rückmeldung kommt! ;)
      Liebe Grüße zruck!

  2. Okay. It's a little bit strange to write in english with you, but... I think a Post here and there would be a great idea and I will try. I'm looking forward to your Posts ;)

    1. Yeah, it's a great idea, really, if that interests you, you SHOULD try it no matter what! :D I'm looking forward to YOUR posts :*

    2. It's like to speak with a Friend in Reallife. Really, really strange haha :D

    3. If i would ever go to America oder England, I have to get a new Name oder Pseudonym, because Ines in English sounds so... urgh :D 'Eines' :D

  3. I agree with Ines - it is strange, but funny ^^ In the moment I'm trying to improve my English, because I want to make the spoken exam in English :D But I don't think I am good enough to write posts in this language, because nobody will correct my mistakes (and I make mistakes, a lot of! :D)
    But it could help to read english posts ;) A very nice project! :D

    With greetings? Heißt das so? Klingt so förmlich xD

    1. Uh, if you can speak it, why you wouldn't be able to write down some stuff? I know one is self-conscious about write or speak in english, but I'd assume to just try it, like I wrote up there ;) Right know I'm sure there are mistakes in this comment, you get me anyway, don't you? ^.^ Well, at least I hope so!
      Thanks, I hope this will be a lot of fun for us all and also improve our english =D
      Naahh, denk nicht, eher so...Lots of love oder sowas, das ist das, was ich kenne, sonst keine Ahnung ^^

  4. I was also thinking about doing this, 'cause I read really a lot in English (over 60%). But on the other hand I thought that in those posts would you be able to find so many mistakes that it wouldn't be fun reading them anymore xD

    1. Yeah, didn't you write a comment on Christines site, is that right? Well, I think everyboday makes mistakes and there not as important as the fun we'll have! ;)

  5. I like this idea, although I would have lots of problems to blog in Englisch because there are some phrases that only exist in German and I use them a lot. BUT: Have fun! If you want to improve your English skills, this is very good thing to do, I guess! :)

    xo xo

    P.S.: It's strange to leave a comment in English. ^^

    1. Right, this will also be a problem for me, I hope I'll manage that somehow :O
      Thanks, I'm reaaally looking forwart to it!
      I know right? But it's so much fun too!! =D

  6. It's incredibly refreshing to read bookblogs in English. I admire you for attempting to write posts in a foreign language. I bet it takes about twice as long than normally. I even struggle a bit with typing down these few words. Well, I wish you good luck and I'm looking forward to hopefully many more English texts :D

    Greetings! :)

    1. Wuhu, you're english is awesome, I mean I know it's harder because it's a foreign language, but it seems like you're defintily good at it! Thank youu, I hope you'll get some posts =D
      Greetings back :*

  7. I like your idea! Maybe I can blog a few more posts in english, too?!

  8. Oh this is a very good idea, I think my school english is not that good, but I really love to speak english(not that much writing, but it doesn´t matter:D). In this summer vacation I was in South Africa and speak 4 weeks only english, it was really nice and a great experience.
    Maybe I try this on my blog too, but it is so hard.. :D But I really like the idea and I looking forward to your Posts in englisch :)
    Many greetings,

    1. Well, I bet everybody could understand you, right? So I see no problem here! Yes, I'm sure that must have been an awesome time down there, my mom got some friends from South Africa, but they don't live there anymore, they went to England like 15 years ago, I think ;) But their dialect or accent or what it is, it's so cool and different, though it sounds like british it's, you now, I think it's a bit more chantlike or something!
      Yes, try!! If you can write that comment, you will definitly be able to write a post, I'm sure of that!
      Lots of Love ;)


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