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Dienstag, Oktober 7 | 6 Beloved Words

This is the first real post, I'm gonna write in english - so excited!
I won't do the statistics thing anymore, because, COME ON, I don't read that many books that it would be necessary, folks ✌ I will do some resume, though. You know this "Gesehen, gelesen, gehört..." stuff? Yeah, I really like that, 'cause it's interesting and you don't need too long to just read it. So that's what I'm gonna do for the end of the month =)

No TV, really. Just no time for that during school. But I had some time last weekend (had an awful cold o.O), so I watched some episodes of the fourth season Pretty Little Liars. Oh my god, I just loooove the series, though I don't have much time to watch it a lot anymore. I got to watch like 2 episodes? Then my brain wanted to sleep, couldn't do a thing about it. And also I'm currently watching this series on YouTube, the "Frankenstein M.D.", created by Hank Green (brother of John Green, yes, THE John Green, people!) and it's like the "Lizzy Bennet Diaries" and reaaally fun to wach!

2 books! That's kind of the average in the last few months, I think it was back in February when I got to read at least 5 books. That's like, the last time I read that "many" (uhuuu) books. Well, I first read "Clockwork Angel" which was so much better than the other Cassandra Clare stuff, though I see Will like a different Jace, but maybe things gonna change in the next book? Then I read "If I Stay" so I can soon watch the movie, because I first wanted to read the book before I watch the movie! I hope it'll be in theaters a few weeks more ;)

All about that Bass!! Love the song, probably people will play it over and over again, til it's annoying, but still, I like the lyrics and also her voice...wait, and let me take a look on Spotify - My very favourite song right now is "No Light, No Light" by Florence + The Machine ♥ And because I've got my new phone like a week ago (so addicted to it, I'm a bad girl) I always use it to play the song on repeat. Like, often. Really often. Also, I've heard "Pa' Bailar" by Bajofondo or something, because whenever I write my vocabularies down it's like boring just to sit there, so I have my ear-phones and either play english songs (because: english) or I play that one (because: spanish).

A lot. Especially during the last two weeks.  I hope you all now what's happening right now in Munich? Yes, exactly! The Oktoberfest aka Wiesn ;) Yeah, I went there like more than three times I think and it's so much fun! Also I have this fitness thing going on, called blogilates. The blogger who started this is a former medicine student or something, but got a pilates instructor and know blogs and posts workouts on YouTube and that's what I'm doing since end of July. I don't have enough time to do it every day, but I'm trying to.

Hmmm. Bacon and eggs in America. I knoooow, not really healthy, but so delicious =D I often eat, shit man, there is no english word for "Brotzeit" or "Abendbrot", so I just stick with the german one. Yeah, so Brotzeit is often my little meal after school and then I start my homework.

White Coffee Mocha from Starbucks! ♥

"Why is the teacher not telling us to write that dooown, uhhh, I have so much to do this week!"

...was happy:
about sticking to the workout calendar from blogilates and doing it for real! Well, and Indian Summer started like two weeks ago here in munich, because the leaves have a beautiful brown-orange and it's still sunny, not always, but often =)
Uh, and I was so happy about my new phone, everytime I look at it, it's just sooo wonderful to have it at last!

a lot. Always. Yeah, I'm a little sunshine, I try to laugh about everything that's at least a bit funny and/or makes me happy ;)

...got angry:
about some teachers, maaaan! Like, I got so many cool ones who really know what they're teaching and stuff, but some of them, I just could - AAARGH! Sometimes I just think: I could soo teach that better than you, stupid. How did you get your teachers licence, anyway? We already wrote one test this week and there are more coming up and it's so much and I really like the higher level in school, because it's more interesting, but still it's so much and so much more thinking for yourself! I just have to adapt to that kind of learning, I will definitly need some time.

for a second summer, and then a real one! And more money, because Wiesn is really expensive, guys, at least for people who go there more than once. Also I wish for good teaching methods my teachers maaaybe just hold back.....yeah, I know, not really realistic.
I really hope, somebody is reading this post, the texts really get longer than I thought ^^

Uhm, my phone, maaaaany books, the flip case for my phone and more books and the magazine NEON and more books and school stuff and OH DID I MENTION BOOKS??

Your blogs! I'm really reading many of your blog posts again - there was a time I just hadn't time for that, or was too tired to concentrate on them, but since I got my phone and the bloglovin' app it's so much easier and I'm ALSO commenting more than in the last few months!

6 Kommentare:

  1. Mega krass, wie anders du klingst, wenn du auf Englisch schreibst - immernoch sympathisch wie eh und je, aber irgendwie ganz anders xD
    Ich bleibe lieber in meiner comfort zone und schreibe den Kommi auf Deutsch, denn diese Sprache beherrsche ich wenigstens in den Grundzügen xD Finds aber cool, dass du das durchziehst; kann für deine Sprachausbildung ja nur förderlich sein :)
    Jedenfalls verstehe ich vollkommen, was du mit PLL meinst - ich habe letzte Woche mal mit der ersten Staffel angefangen und ich bin absolut SÜCHTIG! Ich hab sogar 3 Folgen davon am Stück geschaut und das ist echt Rekord bei mir. Normalerweise höre ich nach einer Folge auf, weil ich mir denke, dass ich meine Zeit auch produktiv nutzen kann. Aber das geht irgendwie nicht bei der Serie :D

    Mit "All about that bass" kann ich mich irgendwie nicht so anfreunden. Dafür mag ich "No Light, No Light" riiiiichtig gern :)

    Neue Handys machen glücklich. Überhaupt neue Sachen. Aber speziell Handys :D

    So. Immerhin deinen letzten Wunsch konnte ich ein bisschen erfüllen ;) Ich find den Post auch gar nicht so lang. Sieht nur so aus wegen der Formatierung :D :D

    Liebste Grüße

    1. Wow, echt? Ich glaub dir das, ich denke ich hab mal irgendwo gelesen, das jemand in verschiedenen Sprachen sich verschieden verhält und als Person anders drauf ist. Keine Ahnung, ob das wahr ist, aber ich finde es hört sich schon richtig an, irgendwie.
      Das ist ja auch oke, ich will auch echt niemanden abschrecken, wenn jemand denkt, er/sie (wohl eher sie ;) muss auf englisch schreiben ^.^ Bin echt froh, dass ich das jetzt auch versuche, helfen wird es mir auf jeden Fall für andere Dinge!
      Ich bin jetzt bei der fünften Staffel in der Mitte und mittlerweile geht's mir so, dass ich eigentlich nicht weiterschauen will, weil ich weiß, dass es dann bald keine weiteren Folgen mehr gibt, da sie erst noch erscheinen müssen, andererseits will ich so unbedingt wissen, was weiter noch passiert o.O So ein verdammtes Dilemma :D

      Wirklich nicht? Ich bin da voll der Fan von, obwohl es meiner Meinung nach mal wieder viel zu oft gespielt wird *eyesroll* Oh jaaaa! Florence + The Machine ist .....unbeschreiblich ...toll! Aufm Handy konnt ich nur die Akkustik Version runterladen, aber dann hab ich gemerkt, dass die noch besser ist, jetzt bin ich richtig glücklich damit ♥
      Mittlerweile bin ich schon länger dran gewöhnt, und trotzdem freu ich mich nonstop drüber, da ich noch nie ein so gutes Handy besaß ;) Bin froh, dass ich mir mal was gscheides geleistet hab und ich hoffe, es hält vielleicht so drei Jahre durch, das wäre toll, oder?
      Stimmt, der guckt echt nur etwas nach mehr Text aus, was es gar ned ist - dafür siehts schön aus, hihi =D
      Liebste Grüße zruck!

  2. Oh the first english post I read :)
    I really like it, from my point of view(so a german girl with bad school english) it was very good and I understand everything.
    Pretty Litlle Liars - Really everbody loves it and tells me to look it, and I watched the first episod(in english too), but I never have time to watch mehr and come in it. So, I really have to do that.
    I know this problem with teacher, especially my "Sozialwissenschaften"(?) teacher, he is just bad!
    Oh Starbucks, tomorrow I´m going to Starbucks and really want to drink there a coffee :D
    Many greetings,

    1. I haaaave to write more of them till end of this month, at least two! Oh God, I'm not gonna be able to manage that xD
      Yeahhhh, PLL ChristmAs is soon released, so I'm definitley looking forward to THAT episode *.*
      Jup, I just...can't handle some of them....probably I'd teach better than them =P
      I looove the christmas ones, like Honey & Almond or whatever it's called? Soooo delicous!!

  3. Hey Leyla,

    I just discovered your blog because of the challenge and I absolutely love your resume. :) How did you get the different types of font into your blog post? This looks amazing! *_*

    Did you watch the If I Stay movie already? I hear it's way better than the book which I didn't like that much. I'm not really sure if I should spend my money for that one. :D

    Looking forward to reading some more of you soon because I really enjoy your english writing style (though I will also read your german blog posts from now on ;) )


    1. Thanks, I'm gonna do a 2014 resume soon, so I hope it'll be as good as this one ^.^ That's just some HTML Stuff I teached myself, you know just look it up on copypastelove or other Tutorialwebsites!
      I STILL haven't, no. I'm gonna get the DVD, because I didn't have the time to go to the theater...but I must say, I disagree, I looooooooved the book so much *.*
      Ahh, well, there weren't many posts lately, because you know, school's keeping me busy.


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