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Sonntag, Dezember 7 | 0 Beloved Words

Sometimes, yes, there's a time I wish I'd use my eReader more often. I'm not really a fan of eBooks and that kinda stuff, because.....I don't know, maybe I'm a bit traditional in that case.

I definitly have some eBooks, some on my phone (amazon eBooks) and also some on my eReader (obviously not amazon eBooks...the other ones ;) or even on my laptop (though I don't use it much often to read an eBook). They aren't really books with many pages or important to me, but most likely they're some contemporary books, I didn't want to spend money on the "real" print ones.

Uhhh, wait, that wasn't what I wanted to tell you.
Jup, weirdness.

It was so weird, I guess about a year (or 2? or 3?!) ago, I had that one moment,....., really awkward I had that feeling. So.        
I read a book and wanted to look for a word in the beginning of the pages, because I forgot something important for the storyline and I just couldn't find it. In that moment, my mind wished: Ahhh, would this be a eReader I would have found it already! And then I felt my fingers do some weird move! My ring finger and index finger (= Ring- and Zeigefinger) did this thing as if I wanted to push the STRG, ALT and F button, you know what I mean? That's the "code" for "search" in some document!

Seriously, it was so strange!!! They just wanted to move like I was on the laptop and searched for something on the internet. I'm such a weirdo right? It still happens sometimes.....

What does that tell us? We are some weird generation that lingers between the traditional and the new era of technology, so we can't handle the difference between reality and virtuality? And if so, is that a bad thing? I really don't know. But I do know, that I don't find it okay when my fingers do that push-thingy if there's nothing to push. I know I don't like it. Even feel kind of guilty when it happens.

What about you? Am I the only one who happens to have a weird mind and - seriously - weird moving fingers? If you are like me, and you sometimes want to push buttons like on the keyboard when it's not necessary nor appropiate, tell me!

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